What if I could show you how you can achieve results you desire

in your life, despite the odds?



A 7-day bootcamp to become Emotionally Fit for those who want to:

  1. get the results they desire
  2. and effortlessly thrive

4 Apr 2022 - 10 Apr 2022


You want to thrive, prosper and FEEL empowered

The only problem is that you face hurdles and emotional barriers

There are 3 main emotional barriers that hold you back and stop you from thriving in are



You’ve tried to work on this or focus on your progress.

But you fear that trying to resolve something may bring about more problems.

Becoming AWARE is the key to change this around.


Limiting Beliefs

These are baseless assumptions that have come about from previous experiences, that put limits on your actions and your potential to thrive.

Identifying a different ATTITUDE changes your beliefs



(or you so you think) .

All one really needs is a different APPROACH.

What you've tried may not have worked till now.

Identifying the approach that works FOR YOU is essential for it to work

When you are 'Emotionally Fit', you are capable of staying away from negative thoughts; are in the progressive state of achieving or experiencing what you desire in your life AND can focus on creative and constructive tasks and deal with challenges

Being emotionally fit is the key to success in all aspects of life

It feels like there are so many things


which are causing you to:


Experiencing the same downward spirals and patterns over and over again



Feeling stuck and frustrated as you are not getting the progress you want

You end up jumping from one method to another...trying and testing many different ways and 'techniques'.

And no matter how hard you try to break out and break through from these patterns and situations,

you either don't get the results or they are short lived

Sound familiar?

Hi, I'm Amisha

For over 20 years I've been in the luxury hotel world, both within the corporate side working in business development and online marketing; as well as consulting hotels from the outside.

A complete 'happiness-phobe', the idea that I could be thrive and do well in life (and deserved to) was daunting.

But the day I became more aware around what held me back, I liberated myself from my fears and limiting beliefs, I felt aligned to live the life I desired.

That was in 2006.

Moreover, as a certified NLP Trainer, I acquired essential life skills, to stop being reliant on anyone else or any one specific approach to getting the win-win result.

Now, with 'Emotional Fitness' coaching, I teach those just like you to empower yourselves in the same way so you too can thrive.

I’m not going to just help you increase your awareness, but also create space for new beliefs.

I’m going to show you how simple and easy it is to actually move past the barriers by towards someone you desire to BE.

Here’s the truth: if you want to progress, you need your unique

Emotional Fitness 'prescription'

that is specific to what you desire.

You feel you 'should' be happy and content in life.

But if you don’t know how to

  1. identify your patterns
  2. know what limiting emotions stop you.
  3. create action steps to match what you need,

you will keep feeling like a hamster on a wheel....doing something but going nowhere.



A 7-day bootcamp for those who want to effortlessly thrive in life by becoming Emotionally Fit.

You can experience shifts from day 1 on....and from day 7 continue your progress with my 7 week intensive.

or rinse and repeat.

Perfect for anyone who doesn’t know what's keeping them stuck and anyone who feels they could

BE / DO / HAVE better in life

From identifying your outcome to nailing your internal messaging, to designing your own unique 'thrive' plan for , these 7 days are going to fast track your emotional fitness like never before.

By the end of our 7 days together, you’re going to have your high-impact shifts in your 3As- your Awareness, Attitude and Approach to your Life.

You’ll be able to use this process on any goal that you have in your life.

It means you can finally stop scrambling for solutions, let your empowered unconscious mind do the heavy lifting while you start taking specific actions towards what you desire in life.


How does it work?

In our 7 days together, you’ll have a clear understanding of what it takes to actually practically achieve your outcomes, and you’ll craft all the elements you need for attracting in your life what you desire.

You’ll walk away with an exact blueprint of your own customised THRIVE PLAN.

Here’s what you’re getting inside the Bootcamp:

7 days of live training to take you from ‘where do I get started’ to a strategy for a highly impactful breakthroughs.

Pre set assignments and follow up Q&A

Every day I’ll go live in our exclusive Zoom room to work through the key components that you need to THRIVE.

All these sessions will be recorded in case you can’t make it to the live session.


  • Pre-work for you to warm up


  1. What, why, how, when, where of Emotional Fitness
  2. Outcome Setting - BIG secret to achieving your result


  • Micro Signals
  • What are they are why learn about them


  • Emotional Spirals
  • How to respond and not react


  1. Your Triggers
  2. People & Triggers


  • Switch your 'E' frequency
  • How to BE in the emotional state that you desire


  • Emotional 'Resourcefulness'
  • How to tap into your own 'emotion goldmine'


  • New Perspectives - The End is the Beginning

Pre-work: Available ahead of the Bootcamp

  • Here's some stuff

Pre-work: Available ahead of the Bootcamp

  • Here's some stuff

Small Call to Action Headline

  • Here's some stuff

Small Call to Action Headline

  • Here's some stuff

Small Call to Action Headline

  • Here's some stuff

Small Call to Action Headline

  • Here's some stuff

Oh wait, did you think we were done?

Not even close! Let’s talk about the 6 FREE bonuses you get

Introduction to Journaling - why writing is great

Exclusive visualisation and visioning method

e-book on Emotional fitness

progress tracker

Life planner

FREE community membership

And in case you need an extra (loving) push to believe in yourself,

here’s my guarantee…

I am 100% confident that you’ll love this Bootcamp.

The lifetime value that I promised is 100% available. However you can get a refund within 3 days prior to the start of the bootcamp if you wish.

Sound fair?

Absolutely ! Reserve my spot!
Day 3 -

 ✅ Unblocking your body's natural inner flow for 100% results - removing brain fog and getting more focussed and productive.

Day 4 - 

✅ Break down the emotional barriers to your happiness and removing the 'thorn' that stops you from living the life you desire.

Don’t just take my word for it…

This is feedback from some participants of other bootcamps and coaching experiences

I had a great experience with Amisha. She guided us each day and gave us very interesting activities which we had never heard of.  

Really made a difference in my life. 

I wanted to be a calm person after attending her session I practiced it every day and it helped me in being a better person. 

I really learnt about my emotions and how they build your personality. 

How our brain works and makes us it's slave. - Naina

Worth the time, investment and effort. 

This programme helped a lot in getting over emotional blockage. 

Simple and easy process, yet very effective. 

Awesome experience...I hope more and more people get to know about this and benefit.   - Anupama

Amisha got me with her pleasant smile and easy approach towards heavy topics. 

The best thing was her systematic approach without stopping other participants from sharing their inputs.

To understand the system in which our body works and respond. - Shilpa

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