Emotions are our 'Frenemies'​

friend (noun) : a favoured companion....one you spend time with... enemy (noun) : one that is antagonistic to another especially : one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent frenemy (noun) : one who's become a favoured companion...by way of familiarity, frequency of meetings....but is actually not good for you. When describing people as frenemies psychologist Melanie Schilling says, "Often they are charading as a friend so they might be showing some behaviours that are ...

My Zoom backgrounds (no nothing to hide)

(and no, it's not because I have something to hide) A few days ago, I attended an online workshop by a trainer, very well known in his field.At the outset, he apologised for his messy home office and said he wanted to focus more on delivering the training rather than tidying up. He then went onto say that he was very suspicious of people who use backgrounds on Zoom because he felt those people were hiding something and didn't want the other party to know! My take on his view is:  Just ...

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