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My Zoom backgrounds (no nothing to hide)


(and no, it's not because I have something to hide)

A few days ago, I attended an online workshop by a trainer, very well known in his field.At the outset, he apologised for his messy home office and said he wanted to focus more on delivering the training rather than tidying up.

He then went onto say that he was very suspicious of people who use backgrounds on Zoom because he felt those people were hiding something and didn't want the other party to know!

My take on his view is: 

  1. Just because someone has a zoom background, it doesn't mean they have something to hide.
  2. The person has a right to privacy if that's their reason.
  3. Messy surroundings can be distracting to person on the other side of the what's wrong with using a background?

But my reasons for using them are different...they are more emotional

By that I mean they have everything to do with the state of mind that I like to BE in during a zoom session.

One way to be in a great state of mind, all the time, is to 'integrate' things that you LOVE into your every activity, in whatever way possible.So what I do is 'integrate' photographs that I've taken over the years - capturing awe inspiring moments that created this HUGE rush of electric energy for me.

I'm not a professional but I do take some fantastic photos.


A lot of them are scenic and have beautiful memories (and therefore powerful emotions) attached to them.

They serve as a visual reminder to your unconscious mind and trigger the same powerful emotions that you experienced at the time of taking the pics.

Some of the photos I've taken and use as my zoom backgrounds are here.

1. Bombay, Marine Drive (where I was born and brought up) 

2. My favourite London location

3. View from my first home in London

4. 'Skylights' - Scotland

Do you use backgrounds on zoom? If yes how do you decide on what to use.

Share with me in the comments below.

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